Reviewing The Hotel Sector and Tourism Industry: A Critique


Travel and tourism is the largest service industry globally in terms of gross revenue and foreign exchange earnings. The hotel sector is one of the important components of tourism industry and the growth in the Indian tourism industry has fuelled the growth of Indian hotel industry. An attempt in this research paper has been made to offer concise description on the role and trends of hotel sector in tourism industry on selected aspects such as viz., attributes, employees, pricing and performance of hotels that has led to few questions such as whether the distinctiveness in hotel attributes is a key determinant of customers’ intentions in choosing of hotels? What travelers considers while making choices of hotel? The authors have also explored implications of different issues such as viz., adverse socio-cultural changes, enhanced pressure and hostility, creating a sense of opposition, adverse effects on environment and, ecology as well as global challenges facing the hotel industry.


Keywords: Hospitality, Tourism, Hotel Attributes, Hotel Employees, Hotel Performance.