Dr. Matauddin Peerzada

Dr. Matauddin Peerzada is an eminent thinker, philosopher, social activist and a well known Sufi preacher widely revered across the state of Gujarat.

Adorned with a rich academic background, Dr. Peerzada secured a Bachelors degree in Psychology followed by Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Human Resource Management. Driven by deep spiritual and philosophical interest, he further accomplished his Master of Arts in Philosophy and Religion. He has extensively studied all the prominent religions of the world along with subjects like Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Logic and Philosophy of Science including special reference to Mahatma Gandhi and Philosophy of Peace Making. Apart from this, Dr. Peerzada also holds the degree of Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D) in Management.

To extend a modest glance at Dr. Matauddin Peerzada’s laudable contribution for the welfare of society, he has been preaching values and virtues of brotherhood, unity and communal harmony irrespective of any caste and creed discrimination. His relentless involvement in the mission of de-addiction is commendable. He has initiated the “Tobacco De-addiction Campaign” for one lakh people, through which he and his team members are helping people all over Gujarat to get rid of tobacco and all other detrimental addictions.

Dr Matauddin Peerzada has delivered numerous lectures and speeches all over Gujarat. He has consistenly emphasized on education, de-addiction, Sufi teachings and pertinent topics of humanitarian interests closely related to the personal and professional wellbeing of individuals and the larger society. He has authored books on Sufism and published papers in the field of Management.