Sameer Dua

Sameer is committed to transforming lives of people around the world and believes that everyone in  this world is a possibility of happiness, success and extra-­ordinary achievement. He empowers people  to know what they really love in life and supports them in getting that in their life so that they lead a life full of joy, success, and fulfillment.

With over 20 years of experience in management education, Sameer, a Masters Degree holder, has  set up and run institutes in India and in the UK. He had set up an extensive network of Education  Centers in the early 1990s, then unheard of in India. He has worked with program participants from 52 countries and worked with top ranked British, American and European Universities. Sameer has worked with various national and multinational corporations in training and developing their top / middle level management as a part of the management programs delivered by his institution.

Sameer is the Founder Director and Program Leader for The Institute for Generative Leadership, India which has been established in association with The Institute for Generative Leadership, USA. Sameer is a certified trainer from Zig Ziglar Corporation and has conducted various high quality training programs and has also successfully coached various individuals to reach their optimum best and achieve their goals. Sameer uses the Ontological approach to coaching and has undergone an ontological coach training program from the world’s leading ontological coach training institute –  The Newfield Network, USA.

Sameer has done various training and coaching projects with organizations and his clients include Persistent Systems, Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd. (The Times of India Group),  BMC,  Tech Mahindra, Allscripts, John  Deere, Amdocs, Dana, Cargill, Cognizant amongst many others. Recently he completed a project for Cosmos Co-­Operative Bank, a leading Co-­Operative Bank in India. This included training and coaching the top employees of the bank, such as, the Joint Managing Director, Chief General Managers, General Managers, and Assistant General Managers.

Sameer has been an advisor to a top ranked and a leading B-­School in Asia. Sameer was the Founding Chairman of the Bangalore Chapter of the Higher Education Forum and also the Vice Chairman of the Emerging Presidents’ Group.

Inside of his purpose to positively impact millions of people around the world, Sameer set up the Gift Your Organ Foundation and currently is the Founder and the Chief Catalyst. Sameer’s vision for the Gift Your Organ Foundation is that there will be no deaths in India for the want of organs. The Gift Your Organ Foundation works with the Karnataka State Government and is the first organization in the country to have introduced the Green Heart Driver’s License, which is having an Organ Donation option on the Driver’s License. This one move can potentially transform the entire organ donation landscape in India. Gift Your Organ Foundation along with the Maharashtra State Government has now initiated the Green Heart Driver’s License in Maharashtra.