Volume 2

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O.N.E India – Our North East India
Parag Agarwal

Impact of OCTAPACE Model on Banking Employees: A Comparative Study of Private and Public Sector Banks
Rashmi Upadhyay, Tanuja Singh and Pankaj Upadhyaya

Women Entrepreneurs in Context of the Changing Indian Society – Problems and Prospects
Dr. Pranav Parijat

Consumer Buying Behaviour towards the Gold Jewellery Specially in Jaipur City
Shikha Pareek Joshi and Dr. Harsh Dwivedi

A Study on Patient Satisfaction: with Special Reference to Government Hospital Patients of Bundiin Rajasthan
Dr. Nand Singh Naruka and Shalini Chittora

An Analysis of FMCG Promotion Mix with Special Reference to Rural Rajasthan
Manish Kumar and Dr. N. S. Naruka

Achieving Organisation Excellence through Diversity Management
Shweta Singh and Dr. Kapil Dev Sharma

Motivating Women Entrepreneurs in India: The Headway towards A Prosperous Economy
Aditi Gaur

Changing Dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility in India
Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma

A Study of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 in Banking Sector
Dr. Manish Shrivastava

Merger and Acquisition: A Strategic Move towards Change and HR Challenges
Shehla Sayeed and Dr. Kapil Dev Sharma

Role of Recruitment and Selection of Faculty in Technical Education in Rajasthan: An Overview
Dr. J.K. Tandon, Prof. Harsh Dwivedi and Sahab Singh Dubey

Gold, as An Investment Avenue
Gaurav Bagra and Dr. Shobha Khinvasara

Financial Inclusion for Sustainable Development through Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana
Dr. V K Joshi, Reema Singh and Dr. Sonal Jain

An Evaluation Study of Mid Day Meal Programme in Jaipur
Prof. M.L. Sharma and Geetesh Saini

A Value Added Approach by Triple Bottom Line for Sustainable Development
Dr. Abha Jain Nagawat and Neha Mathur

Cost Analysis for Management Decisions
Ravikant Modi

Library Automation in India and Co-Operation between Library and Community
Balveer Sharma

e- Choupal: The Power of ICT for Farmers’ Empowerment in India- A Case Study
Dr. Kapil Dev Sharma

Safe Water Points: A Case-Study of Impact on life
Praveen Kumar

Business Sutra: A Very Indian Approach to Management
Prof. (Dr.) Jyotsna Diwan Mehta

Management Accounting Research (MagdyG. Abdel-Kader)
Dr. Rita Jain

A Management Thinker Series

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