Vol.IV, Issue II,July-Dec. 2017

  1. Internet of Things (IoT):Featuring Sustainable Future

    Raji Unni and Dr. Rashmy Nair

  2. Effect of Demographic on Integrated Marketing Communication Practices of Selected Telecom Companies of Rajasthan

    Dr. Tanuja Singh, Dr. Farheen, and Prof.(Dr.) Karunesh Saxena

  3. Influence of Online Cause Related Marketing Campaigns on Purchase Intention of Young Consumers

    Mr. Vivek Aggarwal and Prof. (Dr.) Vinod Kumar Singh

  4. An Analytical Study of The Festering Twin Balance Sheet Problem and Its Impact

    Mr. Prabhakar Pudari

  5. A Pragmatic Analysis of Digital Marketing on Dental Practice

    Dr. Mukesh Jain and Ms. Komal Yadav

  6. Leveraging Internal Social Media Platforms to Drive Faculty Engagement among Millennials in Higher Education Institutions

    Ms. Ritu Maheshwari, Ms. Shreya Singhvi and Dr. Meera Mathur

  7. Risk and Return Relationship in Indian Stock Market with Special Reference to Indian Banking Sector

    Mr. Mobin Anwar and Dr. Sanjay Kumar

  8. Factors Affecting the Purchase of Mobile Phone: A Theoretical Study

    Dr. Durgesh Batra and Dr. Himanshu Shekhawat

  9. A Study on the Factor Determinant and Their Effect on Consumer Behavior (In Reference to Two Wheeler Automobile Industry)

    Ravi Gupta and Dr. Satish C. Sharma

  10. Green Entrepreneurship: Strengthening Indian Economy by Innovating the Future

    Ms. Asha Mamraj Sharma

  11. Carpet Packaging: As A Tool for Branding and Enhancing Durability: A Case Study of Jaipur Rugs Private Limited, Jaipur

    Ms. Swati Chaturvedi

  12. A Study on Perception of Officers of Business Organizations and Tax Experts Regarding the Impact of GST on Various Parameters

    Dr. Preeti Yadav and Dr. Jeet Singh

  13. Role of Youth Towards Realization of Sustainable Development Goals in India

    Dr. Tripti Vijaywargia

  14. An Investigation on the Relationship between Empowerment and Organizational Commitment (A Case Study of the Employees of IT Industry in NCR-Region)

    Dr. Vandana Singh

  15. Awareness and Quality in Higher Education: A Study Based on Students Review

    Ms. Sujata Biyani, Dr. Pawan Patodia and Mr. Lokesh Agarwal

  16. Digital India – A New Sunrise in Indian Economy

    Mr. Padam Bhushan

  17. Impact of Generations of Workforce at Workplace

    Dr. Urvashi Sharma and Dr. Sohan Lal

  18. History and Development of Management Databases

    Dr. Vineeta Chauhan

  19. A Study of Anti-profiteering Rules under GST

    Dr. Shivraj Singh

  20. Cashless Economy of India: Challenges and Prospects

    Dr. Swati Sharma

  21. Impact of Globalization on Indian Rural Markets

    Dr. Ragini Sharma

  22. NPA of Public and Private Banks: A Comparative Study


    Dr. Sakshi Arora and Kritika Goyal

  23. Impact of Industrial Disputes on Economic Life of Country


    Dr. Varsha Tiwari Vyas

  24. A Study of Physical and Organizational Infrastructure of Rajasthan Tourism

    Ms. Priyanka Payal

  25. Urban Forests and Human Health – Need of the Present Context

    Dr. Shipra Sharma, Dr. Yashoda Saini and Dr. Preeti Srivastava

  26. Performance of SSIs in India

    Dr. Rajiv Gandhi

  27. Packaging and Labeling of Consumer Products: A Tool to Accelerate Demand

    Dr. Nandini Sharma

  28. Book Review

    Dr. Rita Jain

  29. Management Thinker Series